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by Carlo Macro

The accident in Paola in the province of Cosenza: the exhalation coming out of a tank of grape must. One of the victims was under house arrest for stalking

The Carnevale family and the Scofano family were not only related, but they had helped each other for some twenty years. in all agricultural activities. Especially on the occasion of the harvest. Everyone in the area knew them and everyone knew that during this period the two families in the processing the must. On the other hand, the two families did not lead a particularly comfortable life and together they tried to put their experiences to good use in every activity on land. Their only livelihood was the retirement pensions of a few relatives and odd jobs as masons.

In Germany

Santino, after working for decades in Germany and Austria, had moved permanently to his town a few years ago, paola, and he had devoted himself to agriculture. Giacomo, the other 70-year-old victim, had spent a lifetime as a nurse at the Trivulzio clinic in Belvedere Spinello, a town not far from Paola. Giacomo had three daughters: Luisa, Roberta and Anna. Santino, in addition to Massimo who has retired after a serious illness, leaves behind a younger son, Giovanni. Among the victims there is also Valerio Scofano. And he didn’t have to be in that room where the wort was fermented. The man, father of a child and divorced, was under house arrest for stalking. His companion of German nationality, whom he had met while working as a bricklayer in Germany, had sued him and in recent months the carabinieri had informed him of the judge’s decision. Yesterday he evaded the obligation and met his death with Giacomo, his brother, unemployed and father of Gennaro, 23 years old.

happiness abroad

All simple people, workers, former emigrants who had left their country in the 60’s to try… building a future in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. However, they did not make a fortune, like so many of their compatriots. And before that, three of them, after so many years, had decided to return to their country of origin. They devoted themselves to farming because they knew the trade and had a source of income. They worked together, the retirees and the young. Everyone knows each other here. In the bar of the hamlet where the drama took place, they talk about nothing else among the small groups of elderly people, with a mixture of pain and resignation. Accidents always strike those who don’t need them. And again: they have been making must for years, always during this period. Sometimes I went there to help them too, says Antonio, a past amateur referee. They died one after the other trying to save Santino – Antonio adds -. A tragedy, a fatality that no one could have ever imagined. They knew how to make wine, they had a lot of experience.

to cry

The houses of the two families are located a few kilometers away from the city, although it cannot be said that the area is on the outskirts. Along the provincial road leading to Sanctuary of Paola, you will come across modern houses and others in poor condition or even dilapidated. Silence reigns everywhere. But from the homes of the victims, brightly lit, there are screams and moans. They are mothers, wives, children: those who continue to mourn their loved ones who have disappeared, perhaps alone for a moment of distraction. Yesterday was the last day of toil at the end of the harvest cycle. And as always, everything would have concluded with a lavish table to celebrate what promised to be an excellent year. There was little time left now. The barrel filling work was about to end. But the cry of happiness remained stifled in his throat.

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