Discovery of a war arsenal in an apartment in Marseille

Among other things, two rockets, two rocket launchers and four blocks of explosives were found.

Rocket launchers, rockets, cakes of explosives, 500 ammunition … it’s an arsenal of war “ready for use“What was discovered on Saturday in an apartment in Marseille, we learned from a police source on Sunday and confirmed information from the” World.

This discovery happened by chance on Saturday afternoon, the owner of this apartment in the 15th arrondissement, squatted, had engaged a company to replace the locks.

As soon as the door opened and found out what was in the apartment, the owner called the police.

Inside, two rockets, two rocket launchers, four blocks of explosives, detonators, fireworks, 500 ammunition, heavy body armor, lighter, helmets and military uniforms. “Everything was ready to use“, a police source confided. The judicial police are responsible for the investigation.

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