‘Don’t Control Our Bodies’: Thousands Marching Across Bay Area To Defend Women’s Reproductive Rights

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Here in the Bay Area, people marched Saturday and attended rallies in support of women’s reproductive rights. Many believe the stakes protecting Roe from Wade could not be greater.

A rallying cry was heard Saturday near the Civic Center in San Francisco, in support of women’s reproductive rights.

“Why I’m here is so that my daughters can be protected and have their rights, so that men can’t control our bodies,” said Lynette Harris of Marin County.

“My name is Marlo Rodriguez, I am a registered nurse and abortion is a right to health care for women.”

Last month, a Texas state law banning abortions after six weeks, with no exceptions for rape or incest, came into effect. The Supreme Court rejected a request to block the Texas bill.

“I can’t stand that a woman can’t choose what to do with her body, that we have to let the Supreme Court intervene in our lives,” said Nancy Kato of San Francisco.

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By noon, thousands of people joined the march to the base of Market Street.

“I’m here with all these people, women, men, because we respect that women are people, who should have basic control over their bodies,” activist Xochil Johnson said.

In the South Bay, protesters marched to San Jose City Hall with the same message.

Activists fear the Supreme Court may impose restrictions on Roe v. Wade in the future.

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