Ex-AOA member Kwon Mina returns to Instagram and already has a million followers

Former AOA member Kwon Mina uploaded her first post on Instagram on September 30, KST. The singer initially returned on September 20, KST, when she reactivated her account, but didn’t post a single photo for nearly two weeks.

She edited the caption of her only post on the account, going from two lines stating the truth to a long caption. She thanked people for their support in the post, saying that “the truth will be revealed eventually.”

Kwon Mina reopens her Instagram two weeks after announcing that she is deactivating it

On September 9, former AOA member Kwon Mina stated that she would deactivate her Instagram the following day, September 10. The decision came from media outlet Dispatch which released a 128-minute text conversation between her and the alleged bully, the group’s leader Shin Jimin.

However, she is now back on Instagram, posting her usual photos and sharing her heart in long captions.

allkpop reported that the former idol reactivated her Instagram account for the first time on September 20, but didn’t post for a few days. She later uploaded a selfie on September 30, KST, captioning it:

“I’m just saying. The truth will be revealed eventually. I won’t mention it again. Thank you for supporting me. Goodbye and farewell.”

Check out the screenshot below:

Kwon Mina Instagram post (Image via allkpop)“/>
Kwon Mina Instagram post (Image via allkpop)

Kwon Mina later edited the short caption into a long caption, telling her that no one will believe her, even if she reveals the truth now.

She also thanked people who supported her and stated that even as years pass, she will reveal the truth, no matter how hard it is for her:

“Even if a year passes, even if two years pass, if the truth is not revealed in the distant future, even if it’s boring, even if it’s hard for me, I’ll have to reveal it.”

She didn’t mention the text transcriptions, but her use of “why I wrote so badly” refers to her conversation with Shin Jimin. According to Dispatch’s reports, Kwon Mina was constantly texting Shin Jimin, forcing him to meet him, and taunting him with things like “I’ll get my revenge”

“I’ll be sure to tell you why I’ve written so badly and said bad things about how I’ve been treated for the past 10 years. Now no matter what I say, no one will listen to me or even look at me, and all I can say is I’m tired of it. I will now stop hating anyone, try to fix it and realize I am the only one who loses. I know it will be difficult to fight alone with multiple people, but I want to reveal it one day, even after a lot of time has passed.”

There are 2 things that Kwon Mina cannot give up:
1. Shin jimin
2. sns

Kwon Mina has repeatedly deactivated and reactivated her Instagram account, throwing various accusations at Jimin.


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