Filipino Rodrigo Duterte Announces Retirement, Says Daughter Will Run For President

“It’s Sara-Go,” Duterte replied.

Source: EPA

When asked to confirm what the president said, Ms. Duterte-Carpio’s spokesperson, Mayor Christina Garcia Frasco, told Reuters: “The extent of my knowledge is also what was reported in the local news. We have no comment on it. .”

ABS-CBN News said it had obtained permission from the broadcast journalist to use the video showing Duterte outside a Manila hotel where the candidate registration took place, and a transcript had also been provided.

In the same clip, Mr. Duterte was asked when his daughter would submit her candidacy for president, he said, “I really don’t know. I have no idea at all”.

When asked if he had allowed his daughter to run for president, he said: “Ah no, actually we don’t talk about politics as we never talk about politics. Duterte was quoted as saying.

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Duterte, 76, said on Saturday that he was withdrawing from politics, a surprising move that fueled speculation that he was paving the way for a presidential administration by his daughter.

He was expected to run for the second job, a plan that most Filipinos oppose as a violation of the spirit of the constitution that puts a one-term limit on the president to stop abusing power.

Ms. Duterte-Carpio’s application for the mayoral election did little to dispel speculation that she had her eye on the presidency.

Political analysts were skeptical, noting that last-minute changes were still possible, as in 2015, when Mr. Duterte ran the presidential election at 11 a.m. and won by a huge margin, and Ms. Duterte-Carpio, they said, could do the same. .

Candidates have until October 8 to register, but withdrawals and substitutions are allowed until November 15, leaving room for last-minute changes.

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