Geraldo Rivera calls out “Dk vaccinated chiefs urging the unvaccinated to ‘fight for their freedom'”

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Geraldo Rivera calls out “Dk vaccinated chiefs urging the unvaccinated to ‘fight for their freedom'”

Geraldo Rivera and Keith Olbermann may not have much agreement on policy, but they have combined in their disgust with those who oppose taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Open and inclusive, I’m friends with all kinds of people. Rivera tweeted Saturday, but as we’ve passed 700,000 #COVID19 deaths, I have zero tolerance for Fixers’ anti-Vixers.

Rivera went so far as to say that he had a particular loathing for “vaccinated chiefs urging the unvaccinated to ‘fight for their freedom,’ as the mob urged the man on the ledge to jump”. This comment may be a special reference to some critics at Fox News, where more than 90% of workers are vaccinated while its hosts like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are spreading Anti-vaccine viewpoints in their programmes.

Two hours after Rivera’s tweet was sent, Olbermann responded with a video of him receiving a COVID-19 booster shot before talking about how it was time to “stop coddling those who won’t get the damn shot.”

“They’re afraid! They’re afraid of vaccination! Stop trying to feed their ego! Stop legitimizing it!” Olbermann climbed into the camera.

As for Rivera, he signed a new multi-year contract with Fox News last week to continue appearing on shows like “Fox & Friends” and “The Five.” Since the rise of Donald Trump, Rivera has become one of the most critical conservative voices for Republicans on Fox News, calling on figures like Sean Hannity And Dan Bongeno On the air and engage in a heated conversation with “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld Accidentally.

To date, nearly 65% ​​of Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with 56% fully vaccinated. But it states that Republicans who are mostly lean in elections, including much of the Southeast, still have less than 50% of their vaccinated population. Infections in those states have been a major factor in the increase in new infections over the past three months thanks to the delta variable. On Friday, 2,441 COVID-related deaths were reported, prompting The death toll in the United States exceeded 700,000.

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