How Pies plans to make choices for Daicos bid

How Pies plans to make choices for Daicos bid

Collingwood is reportedly excited about trading later picks to match a potential bid for father-son prospect Nick Daicos.

Long considered a top-two player in the draft, Daicos would cost Collingwood 2400 points if he bid first, 2014 points if he bid second and 1,627 points if he bid third.

Since the midfielder is unlikely to slide past that point in the draft, Collingwood, whose current picks yield 1,707 draft points (36, 39, 41 and 45), will be keen to ensure they don’t fall short, according to the The ages Peter Ryan.

Ryan believes the Magpies will hand future picks to second and third round rivals this season to cover Daicos.

Plus, Ryan sees Collingwood send one of their third rounders for a bundle of later picks that equate to more draft points.

With the likely additions of Patrick Lipinski of the Bulldogs and Nathan Kreuger of the Cats, it’s believed the Pies won’t make a choice for the pair this year.

The first round of the 2021 National Draft is set for November 24.



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