How to survive the ‘corrosion’ effect?

Corrosion is a new debuff introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1. This debuff downplays the use of shields and emphasizes the need for healers. This is a refreshing change, as healers have been irrelevant for a while now. This debuff can be found on floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss. It requires players to race against the clock while keeping an eye on their characters’ HP.

Because it’s so crucial to have a healer, underrated characters like Barbara and Qiqi can finally shine. However, meta-characters like Bennett are still as relevant as ever.

How to survive Spiral Abyss Floor 11 in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Floor 11 Chamber 1 Benedictions (Image via Genshin Impact)“/>
Genshin Impact Floor 11 Chamber 1 Benedictions (Image via Genshin Impact)

The Corrosion effect occurs when players defeat an enemy and lasts for 10 seconds. It reduces the active character’s HP until they are defeated. As for the inactive characters, their HP will gradually decrease to 15%.

It’s also worth noting that this effect can stack, meaning the damage taken will continue to increase as the player kills more monsters. To help you with this debuff, here are the top five tips for completing Spiral Abyss Floor 11 in Genshin Impact.

5) Don’t rely on shields

Zhongli puts up his shield (Image via Genshin Impact) Genshin Impact's Floor 11 Chamber One enemies (Image via Genshin Impact)

It is important to check what kind of enemies you will face before entering an abyss floor. This allows you to effectively plan the composition of your teams. Especially if there are Fatui, Abyss Mages and Abyss Heralds included in some rooms.

On floor 11, you must place a healer on each team. That’s not the only thing to keep in mind, though. Players must control the enemies in each room and adjust their elements accordingly. For example, if a room has Pyro Abyss Mage, you can use Barbara or Kokomi as healers and break the Abyss shield at the same time.

3) Keep an eye on your HP

Bennett has low HP (Image via Genshin Impact) Bennett uses his Elemental Burst (Image via Genshin Impact)

Since healing is an essential aspect of Level 11, your rotations should always have the healer ready to heal. This is especially important for characters who only heal with their Elemental Burst, such as Bennett. These characters must always have their Burst ready to heal to avoid the death of a teammate.

Furthermore, you also need to heal between rooms. If you have time, leave one enemy alive and heal your characters as much as you can. You can finish the room after making sure your characters are in good condition.

1) Use a dedicated healer for party wide healing

Dedicated healers in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)Read also

There are many types of healers in Genshin Impact. Some can heal characters off the field, such as Jean, Sayu, Barbara, Kokomi, Qiqi, and Noelle, while others require the character to be on the field to heal, such as Bennett and Diona. Most dedicated healers can heal themselves and all group members with their Elemental Burst and Skill. This will help you immensely to finish Spiral Abyss Floor 11 more efficiently.

In Bennett’s case, his recovery is excessive and rapid. It is a viable choice for the floor, although it must be used with care. As for Diona, she’s more of a slow-healing sentry. Best not to pick her on floor 11.


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