How to win attack defense in GTA Online opponent mode

Offense Defense finally makes its triumphant return to GTA Online, along with additional cash earnings.

For a limited time, players can try out this Adversary Mode. It was originally released in 2016. Now it is making a big splash in 2021. Once a player reaches rank 5 in GTA Online, they can join this frenetic race. Teamwork is the main key to success.

Offense Defense currently offers double the rewards. GTA Online players should take advantage of it while they can. Here are some basic tips they can follow for a better experience.

Offense Defense: Here’s How GTA Online Players Can Win This Opponent Mode

Welcome to Offense Defense (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are five separate rounds for Offense Defense. Each of them is held in different locations along with different vehicles. Here’s what GTA Online players need to know about this Adversary mode.

The basic rules

GTA Online players are rounded up in teams of two. The maximum number of players is eight, which means there can be a total of four teams.

The rules of Offense Defense are as follows. Each team is divided into a Runner and a Blocker. Runners must pass through a checkpoint race and reach the finish line. The first one to get there wins the game.

Blockers have two main roles. They can protect their Runner or go after the enemy Runners. Their goal is to prevent them from finishing the race. GTA Online players have to consider their strategies, they have to switch back and forth between attack and defense.

These are the five rounds

Here are the five rounds for this Opponent:

  • Attack Defense I: Vinewood Hills to Galileo Observatory; 13 checkpoints; insurgents
  • Attack Defense II: Paleto Bay Chiliad Mountain; 12 checkpoints; Kurumas
  • Attack Defense III: Burro Heights to Grove Street; 15 checkpoints; Zentoros
  • Attack Defense IV: Cassidy Creek to Catfish View; 10 checkpoints; insurgents
  • Attack Defense V: Lago Zancudo to Davis Quartz; 13 checkpoints; Kurumas

These are the start and end points of each race, as well as the number of checkpoints. This also includes the type of vehicle that Blockers can use.

Some useful tips

First and foremost, blockers should keep an eye on their Runner. The latter can see the checkpoints, while the former cannot. Blockers should never leave the Runner alone. No matter what happens, they should always be close by.

Blockers can decide for themselves when to attack other Runners. If they see an opening, they should try PIT maneuvers. This will flip the other cars. Alternatively, Blockers can also bump into other Runners.

GTA Online players can get stuck in certain positions. Fortunately, they can hold down a specific button to respawn elsewhere. The game is displayed as such in the top left screen. It’s quite a handy feature.

Earn double rewards this week

For the rest of the week, GTA Online players can try out Offense Defense. There is an incentive to do this as participants receive double the cash rewards as well as reputation points (RP).

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