Human Tide No Green Pass, Thousands Parade in Solidarity with the Vicequestora of Rome – Il Tempo

For the eleventh Saturday in a row, the Milanese departed from the No Green pass in an unannounced and unauthorized procession from Piazza Fontana to the Duomo. Compared to last week, there have been no moments of tension with the police leading up to the march. In the belly of the serpent advancing behind the banner “Educating to freedom – No Green pass” there are signs and messages of solidarity with Rome’s Deputy Commissioner Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, who has been at the center of controversy for her positions against green certification. “Lamorgese, you are not on par with the country you represent – Solidarity with the Deputy Chief Schilirò”. The chants and slogans were repeated according to a fixed script, including insults to the President of the Republic and Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

A rib of the No Green procession in Milan deviated from the path agreed with police headquarters near the ramparts of Porta Venezia. When the snake’s head reached Corso Buenos Aires from the left, several dozen protesters suddenly broke away and turned against the ramparts. The agents of the Digo’s Mobile and Personnel department buffered the advance. When the exiles realized they were not being followed, they re-entered the belly of the procession moving through the city’s shopping street.


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