In a dense crowd – stranger stabs teenager (17) several times in the back and head – BZ Berlin

30 to 40 young people are said to have been on the Drachenberg in Grunewald on Sunday evening when there were opaque scenes. In the end, a 17-year-old was left lying on the floor with serious stab wounds.

At about 0:30 am, an unknown person is said to have detonated a firecracker in the middle of the large group of people. Police said on Sunday that this led to a dense crowd for a short time.

As the crowd fell silent, a 17-year-old was seriously injured on the ground. He did not respond, police said. According to initial information, he was stabbed several times in the back and head. By who? Unclear! Apparently the perpetrator took advantage of the crowd.

Two 16- and 18-year-olds provided first aid until rescuers arrived. Both received a shock and had to be attended to by rescuers at the scene. The 17-year-old came to a clinic where he is being treated in intensive care.

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Another 18-year-old also suffered cuts and stab wounds in the crowd. He had to be treated on an outpatient basis on one hand.

None of those present could provide information about the perpetrator. The police used a rescue helicopter that night to search the area for others, who may have been injured, but were unable to find anyone.

The workplace was difficult to reach. A senior firefighters got stuck while spinning (Picture: spreepicture)

The scene was so hard to reach that a senior firefighter doctor got stuck in a wooded area while turning. The investigation into dangerous bodily harm is still ongoing.


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