Inside the CIA’s secret Kabul base, burned and hurriedly left Afghanistan

T.The cars, minibuses, and armored vehicles in which the CIA waged its shadow war Afghanistan The Americans were lined up and burned beyond recognition before leaving. Beneath the gray remnants of their ashes, the extinguished metal pools were permanently gathered in shiny containers, as the flames cooled.

False Afghan villages training paramilitary forces dealing with the worst human rights abuses in the war were brought down on their own. Just a tall concrete wall still nailed to a pile of mud and beams, once used to practice for large-scale disgusting night raids on civilian homes.

A huge ammunition dump was blown up. From guns to grenades, from mortars to heavy artillery, laid in three long lines of double-height shipping containers, many ways to kill and maim humans were reduced to crumbling metal pieces. A massive explosion followed by a bloody bomb blast at Kabul airport shook and frightened the capital city.

All ready parts of CIA For 20 years, the dark, secret heart of America’s “war on terror” has been one of the worst abuses to fertilize the mission in Afghanistan.

Spread over two square miles northeast of the airport, the sprawling mountain range, initially known as Cobalt by the CIA, became infamous in its “Salt Pit” prison in the fight against torture and murder. The men stationed there called it a “dark prison” because there was no light in their cells, the occasional light coming from the headlamps of their guards.

Taliban special forces show reporters around the abandoned compound. Photo: Emma Graham-Harrison / Inspector

They were here Gul Rahman In 2002, due to hypothermia, he was chained to a half-naked wall and left overnight in freezing temperatures. His death provided the first formal CIA guidelines for investigation under the new regime of persecution, with a 2014 report making it clear that abuse does not provide useful intelligence.

The bottom has been a closely guarded secret for two decades, visible only in satellite photos, navigated by witnesses of living people. Now the Taliban’s special forces have entered and recently, in short, opened a secret compound for journalists.

Mulla Hasnain, commander of the Taliban’s high-profile 313 unit, said, “How they squandered it was used to build our country. And burnt cars, buses and armored military vehicles.

Taliban special forces include suicide bombers who recently marched from Kabul to celebrate the capture of the capital. The vehicles are now used by journalists decorated with the logo of their official “Suicide Squadron” to escort journalists around the former CIA base.

It was a disgusting parody of extremely brutal and ruthless units on both sides of this war, in the name of many goals, all remembering the suffering inflicted on civilians by all the fighters for decades.

“They are martyrs who were responsible for the invaders and attacks on important places in the kingdom. They now have control of key locations, “the Taliban official said. “This is a very large battalion. Responsible for the safety of important places. They will be expanded and organized further. They will respond whenever needed. They are always ready to sacrifice for the protection of our country and our people. ”

He had planned to use the CIA base for his own military training, Hasnain said, so this brief glimpse of the compound is likely to be allowed to the media for the first and last time.

The wide mountain base near Kabul airport became notorious for its Salt Pit prison. Photo: Emma Graham-Harrison / Inspector

The men who defended him had already turned into the tiger-leaning cage of the Afghan National Security Directorate, the intelligence agency once had the responsibility to hunt them down.

The paramilitary units operating here in the barracks near the former Salt Pitt prison site, some of which were among the most horrific in the country, were embroiled in allegations of abuse involving the extrajudicial killing of children and other civilians. The barracks were evacuated so quickly that the people who lived there had left half of the food, and the floors of the barracks were filled with properties coming out of the empty lockers, cleared in clear frenzy.

Mostly they took or destroyed anything with names or positions, but there were 01 patches and a book that was filled with handwritten notes from weeks of training.

Nearby, the site of the Salt Pit Prison was uncovered a few months ago. A New York Times Satellite investigations revealed that, since the spring, a cluster of buildings has been leveled in this part of the CIA compound.

Taliban officials said they had no information about what happened at the salt pit or the previous prison. Rahman has a family Still searching for his body, Which was never returned to them.

Other abusive techniques reported on the site include “rectal feeding”, banning inmates from wearing blankets and depriving toilet inmates of “privilege”, leaving them naked or wearing adult diapers.

Construction equipment was left on site with the concrete slab half poured. The front door, a building that was once fortified with high-tech doors and equipment, was apparently on fire, its interior completely destroyed and reduced to ashes like vehicles outside.

Destroying sensitive equipment at the bottom is complicated and there was evidence of several burn pits where everything from medical kits and leadership manuals to flames with large pieces of equipment were ignited.

Taliban officials were quick to allow journalists to enter unoccupied areas. Hasnain said he had found several booby trap bombs in the camp pile and feared they might have more.

Over the course of several days the helicopter carried hundreds of people from the bottom to the inside of the airport, where the men in the 01 force – aware they may be the main target of retaliation – helped secure the perimeter in exchange for evacuation in the last hours. Under the agreement with the United States.

Near the Untouchables was an amusement hall with dust collecting snooker, ping-pong, darts and table football. There was a Brain Teaser Cody in a box in the corner. It was not clear if the Taliban, once so strict that they even banned chess, would do so in the trap of Western military downtime.

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