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NFL Commissioner Lisa Bird has resigned over pressure to handle allegations of sexual conduct by a coach, the NFL announced Friday night (October 1, 2021).

“The League has received and accepted Lisa Bird’s resignation as its representative,” the League said in a statement, without naming a replacement for Bird. Lisa Bird was criticized for not taking action when she first learned about the sexual allegations.

Bird’s resignation came a day after North Carolina Courage fired coach Paul Riley over what the team described as “serious allegations of misconduct”.

Alex Morgan, who played under Riley at the same time and helped two players accuse the coach, said: “The league has reported these allegations several times and has refused to investigate them several times. against abuse.”

“This week and most of the season has been very traumatic for our players and staff, and I take full responsibility for the role I have played,” Bird said Friday before resigning.

“I am again sorry for the pain so many are feeling. We recognize that shock and have decided not to enter the square this weekend to give everyone some space to think.”

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The resignation of 58-year-old England coach, The Athletic, came after the website “The Athletic” described his extensive sexual misconduct, which has spread to various clubs and leagues since 2010 and reached the point of forcing charges against a player. having sex with him and forcing her to kiss another player while she was in his apartment.

Riley was the second league coach to be fired this week after the league terminated Washington Spirit coach Richie Burke’s contract following an investigation into allegations of verbal and emotional abuse.

In a statement to The Athletic, Riley denied any wrongdoing, described the allegations as completely untrue, saying, “I have not had sex or offered to practice it on these players.”

And the League of Women’s League players took to Twitter to believe that the “systematic abuse” had “infected the league to the core”. “Words cannot adequately express our anger, pain, sadness and disappointment,” she added.

For its part, the International Football Association (FIFA) said it had contacted the League and the American Football Federation as part of a “preliminary investigation” it was conducting.

“FIFA is deeply concerned about recent reports from several female players in the United States. Given the seriousness of the players’ allegations, we can confirm that FIFA’s judicial authorities are actively investigating this matter.”

The American Football Federation, which founded the Women’s League in 2013, started its own investigation. “We take seriously our responsibility to investigate the horrific behavior that has been reported,” he said.



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