“Investigations were used to hit opponents. As with Berlusconi…”

Luca Morisi was responsible for communication for the Lega and Matteo Salvini for several years. He is the creator of Matteo Salvini’s social beast. He analyzed the tweets and speeches. He is now under investigation by the Verona prosecutor for possession and transfer of drugs. The story emerged five days after the vote, although the investigation has taken more than a month. A case? Il Giornale talked about it with Carlo Nordio, a now retired magistrate, former deputy prosecutor of Venice. The owner of the Mose study. The one behind the Mani Pulite investigations, the Red Brigades, Tangentopoli.

Isn’t this investigation that hits Luca Morisi a few days after the vote strange?

“It’s strange in a way, but since Italy has elections every year according to the rules, it’s possible that it’s also a coincidence. It is a fact, however, that on the eve of elections, politics tends to exploit any kind of investigation, even if it is unfounded, towards opponents. They always have, even with Berlusconi. They use the survey a few days after the vote. These investigations are used for political purposes to delegitimize the adversary ».

Are the allegations against Morisi serious?

«Not legal, also because the cocaine in detention falls within the limits of personal use and is therefore not a crime. As for the possibility of drug trafficking, there is currently no evidence either of the transmission or of the nature of the substance transferred, i.e. whether it is narcotic or not”.

Is a party leader obliged to learn and account for the vices of his staff?

“A leader is by no means obligated to be legally responsible for it and he is not even obligated to know about it. However, Prudence would like us to also provide extensive information about the private lives of our loved ones, precisely to prevent the exploitation I mentioned earlier. From the media point of view, this is a story that will have negative consequences ».

Can the news be of public interest? Do we really care?

“We Italians cannot and should not be interested in an individual’s private life. But when there is strong media coverage, one is obliged to act cautiously for one’s own convenience ».

After the scandals involving the judiciary, could there be an attempt to steer the election by prosecutors?

“No. Probably there has been in recent years, but now I exclude that there is a controlled lead to influence the investigations ».

Why do these things always happen against a certain political party?

“In reality, it has not always happened against a particular political party, just look at the mayor of Riace. In this case, it was Morisi’s careless behavior that got him into this trouble. It’s not a crime, but…”

But we are witnessing a left who acquits a former mayor, even if he has been convicted, and convicts a person for whom there is no conviction yet.

“They are two situations that cannot be assimilated at all. In the Morisi case there is just an investigation and probably not even a crime, on the other hand there is a conviction and it is also true that the mayor had bragged about breaking the law. That the punishment is high, that is also possible ».

Will Salvini be damaged?

“Salvini will be damaged from a media standpoint, but it will not be serious damage. The contents of the policy count more than these personal events. What matters to him is caution on sensitive topics such as the green pass, without giving in to the emotions of some extremists ».

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