Jean-Marie Le Pen ready to support Eric Zemmour “if he is the best placed national camp candidate”

An outing that will not go unnoticed. In an interview with World published this saturday,
Jean-Marie Le Pen suggests that he could support a candidate other than his daughter to
the 2022 presidential election. While
Marine Le Pen lost
more than ten points in the polls in the last three months, his father further complicates his campaign by praising the merits …
by Eric Zemmour.

“Navy has left its fortified positions and Eric is occupying the country she left,” the former president of the United States said Front national. And to continue: “If Eric is the candidate of the national camp that is best placed, I will of course support him. “Jean-Marie Le Pen salutes his “courage” and his “culture”. “It is becoming rare.”

The former presidential election finalist confides that he identifies with Eric Zemmour, whose favorite themes are immigration and Islam. “He walked to the barricade and said things that no one dared to say but me. He says what I think, but with a larger audience. “

Marine Le Pen has been pushing for the theme of immigration for the past week by submitting a draft referendum on the subject, thereafter
by making a journey dedicated to this question in Gironde. So many campaign announcements interpreted as a desire not to leave any ground to Eric Zemmour,
who is following her now in the polls.

Asked this Saturday on BFMTVWallerand de Saint-Just, member of the board of directors of the RN, denounces “Jean-Marie Le Pen’s opportunism”: “He has not used us to that. Saying that if Éric Zemmour is better placed than Marine Le Pen, he will support him is to heed the polls. I thought Jean-Marie Le Pen would have made his decision based on everyone’s ideas and program.”

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