Job Tips: Why you should call the employer or recruiter before applying

Applying for a job can be time-consuming, but a quick phone call in the beginning can save a lot of hassle.

Only come to an interview if you know what the job entails.

Why spend three hours of your time on a job and show how good you are at a potential job that you might not like?

Pick up the phone instead.

When jobs say “Call for more information,” the hiring manager wants to see who she’ll be calling.

If the job posting is vague, you can say, “I’m interested in this particular role, could you let me know the title and actual job description of the role?”

If they don’t have more information than what’s in the job posting, say, “I can’t apply for a job if I don’t know what’s being asked of me and what the role is.”

You can’t sell yourself based on a list of criteria that you don’t know exist.

Ask questions like: How many people report to me? Who should I report to?

Unless you’re a quick learner and don’t worry about software and technical skills, you’ll want to know about those things too. Ask before you get in.

Also, ask about a salary range before you go for an interview – and what experience and qualifications they are looking for to get to the top of that range.

Let them know you know your stuff, know your worth, and are considering whether to apply or not.

Tenants are intentionally vague because they want to see what they get when they throw a wider net.

They are also vague with money to see how low you go.

You may read the job description or hear the answers to your questions and realize this isn’t the job you want, and you’ve saved yourself hours of pain.

How often do you apply for a lot of positions because you want a job so badly, then you get there and realize, “I don’t want this”?

It is also very strategic to call to get more information before applying as you will be the center of attention when you submit your application.

Once you’re in the interview, ask for more details about the dynamics of the role.

For example, how big is the team? How does it work with other teams? Who played the part before? What is expected in the first three months of the position? What do you want to achieve by hiring a new person?

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