Katie Couric hits the beach before writing a bomb memoir

Katie Couric was captured smiling from ear to ear on Friday morning during a short beach trip in East Hampton. This sighting comes amid the controversial controversy surrounding her upcoming memoir, “go there,“Where it calls many of its peers in the field by name.

The former NBC reporter was seen hitting the beach wearing a blue hoodie, green leggings, and white sneakers. Her assistant, Adriana, joined the “Today” alum in a black and orange jacket, blue jeans, and sandals.

Katie Couric hits the beach in East Hampton on October 2.
Matt Agudo / SplashNews.com

Couric owns a $6.3 million beachfront home in the city, which she bought in 2006. She now lives in a seven-bedroom home with her second husband, John Mullner, whom she married in 2014.

Her first husband, Jay Monahan, died of cancer in 1998.

Katie Couric
Couric brought her assistant for a midday walk.
Matt Agudo / SplashNews.com

It is uncertain whether the news personality will delve deeply into her relationships in “Going There”, as she will largely address her stance on the fierce nature of TV news and her junior colleagues like Diane Sawyer, who was declared her “rival” during their morning television war.

“I loved being under Diane’s skin,” she wrote, although she freely admits that Sawyer got under her skin just as much.

Katie Couric
The “Today” alum was smiling before the release of her controversial new book.
Matt Agudo / SplashNews.com

She even describes Sawyer’s infamous interview with Whitney Houston as almost exploitative, writing: “There was a very fine line between a revealing interview and the exploitation of restless and traumatized people in service of saucy anecdotes and erotic audio pieces (for example, Diane carries on an angry Whitney Houston about eating disorders and substance abuse, which resulted in the memorable comeback of “Massacre Blow”).

Couric also claims in the new book that she “heard whispers” about her Longtime co-star Matt Lauer’s lascivious behavior Behind the scenes on ‘Today’.


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