Laschet has already resigned: NRW successor seemed found, now the U-turn follows

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Armin Laschet gives up a first post: apparently a new prime minister must be elected quickly in NRW. The state CDU has already found the successor.

Update of September 28 11:15 am: According to the first media information, the CDU would have found a successor for Prime Minister Armin Laschet in North Rhine-Westphalia (see first report). The Christian Democrats themselves indirectly denied the agreement on Tuesday morning. “The timetable for the redeployment of content and staff is ready: at the state party conference on October 23, 2021 in Bielefeld, we will elect a new state secretary,” said North Rhine-Westphalia CDU general Josef Hovenjürgen. However, it should be clear that Laschet in North Rhine-Westphalia will withdraw within a month.

However, it seems possible that a supposedly quick deal could lead to dissatisfaction, especially within the party. “I think it is wrong to break a vote for the top candidate,” said North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister and Laschet confidant Herbert Reul. City Indicator Cologne. The whole party must support a common solution. If a successor to Laschet is hastily proclaimed, opponents at the state party’s conference in October are to be feared.

In any case, it applies loud Handelsblatt Laschet’s successor Hendrik Wüst has already been designated as favorite in the race for the State Chancellery Düsseldorf. Although Reul and Ina Schnarrenbach, construction ministers, are said to have ambitions – neither of them has a mandate from the state parliament, which is necessary for the position of prime minister in North Rhine-Westphalia. However, the WDR reported on two other conceivable scenarios. So either CDU faction leader Bodo Löttgen could develop interest in the office. Or Laschet Vice Joachim Stamp (FDP) would take over until the state elections if the CDU failed to reach an agreement. With this, however, the Christian Democrats would give away the incumbent bonus.

Armin Laschet: CDU boss gives up prime minister’s office in North Rhine-Westphalia – now it has to go fast

First report: Düsseldorf – Armin Laschet * will apparently soon give up the position of Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia: Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst should be his successor, so Handelsblatt citing meeting participants of the CDU state executive reported. The group was unanimous on this issue “as it rarely is elsewhere”.

Laschet himself had traveled to Düsseldorf for the appointment. The one after Bundestag election debacle heavily battered CDU boss I supported both the decision for Wüst and plans for a quick change. Apparently, Laschet wants to initiate — or “moderate,” as the report says, the process over the weekend.

Hendrik Wüst (CDU).

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However, there is no official confirmation of the agreement on Wüst yet. The WDR reported “fierce discussions” in the CDU group on Monday evening. The general secretary of the Christian Democrats in NRW, Josef Hovenjürgen, said in the evening that Laschet “would have the necessary talks this week and next” with representatives of the party and the faction. Well before the state party conference on October 23, there should be a “staff proposal”.

CDU: Laschet must hand over to Wüst in North Rhine-Westphalia – also in the West worries about downward spiral

Wüst called this the date for free choice as the new head of government in Germany’s most populous state Handelsblatt Called Oct 26. The new Bundestag must also be formed by that day. Elections will be held in North Rhine-Westphalia in May 2022. There are concerns in the CDU state that they will also be pulled into a downward spiral.

The Christian Democrats were in the Bund her worst result ever on sunday withdrawn. For Laschet, the next difficult appointment is Tuesday: Die newly formed parliamentary group of the Union elects its chairman. Laschet seemed to want to keep a move to the office open, at least in the medium term, but whether that will work is unclear. (fn) * is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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