Lil Nas X says he misses ‘P***Y’ after breaking up with her boyfriend

Tom Ford: Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show

Tom Ford: Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show

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Lil Nas X is notorious for trolling fans, but it looks as if the star might tease some new information about his sexual preference.

The “Montero” singer took to Twitter on October 1 where he tweeted about the possibility of this happening Being bisexual, or that he may not be really gay at all, but it’s still not clear whether we should take the news literally.

The rapper’s tweet read:

“This gay *** was fun at first. I miss p**** now,” while adding a sad face emoji.

TMZ Notes that the Grammy Award winning artist She recently broke up with actor and dancer Yai Ariza, which was featured in his “That What I Want” video. The two have reportedly remained good friends and hope to get back together sometime in the future.

The young star said he “wanted to focus on his music” after their split, but praised Ariza for being “the best person he’s ever dated” during an interview on Sirius XM.

Soon after Lil Nas X sent the internet into a frenzy with his first tweet, the artist followed up with another tweet saying, “Don’t worry, he texted,” but again… he was referring to their relationship at all.

Back in August, the 22-year-old artist shared Some intimate stories about his love life During an interview with diverse. Lil Nas X said his romantic life calmed down before he achieved stardom, but now that he’s famous, things are “more interesting”.

“Oh, before fame, I didn’t really have a sex life besides one or two people.. I had some good friends, some bad friends. A lot of them are emotionally unavailable etc. So much insecurities between them.” He said at the time, Yes, I have found someone special now

Lil Nas X shared that he met someone special on Grinder, a popular gay dating app.

“Yes.” “I think that is one,” she gushed. “I can’t explain it. It’s a feeling.”

Do you think he could have been talking about Ariza at the time?

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