Lufthansa subsidiary issues ultimatum – At Swiss, all unvaccinated people are evicted – economy

No vaccination, no pilot’s license?

In the US, the first airline (United Airlines) threatens unvaccinated crew members with dismissal. In Switzerland, Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss explains to its employees: Anyone who does not have themselves vaccinated against Corona on December 1 will be thrown out of their job.

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Does that also apply to Germany? Lufthansa would be there for it. Board member Detlef Kayser on BamS: “As an airline operating worldwide, we are advocating for mandatory vaccination of our crews and we also need a way to record vaccination data.”

The reason: Hong Kong is the first country to prescribe vaccinations for pilots and flight attendants, Canada and the US are likely to follow soon. “In the case of Hong Kong crews, employees are generally required to indicate whether they meet the eligibility requirements before departure. In Hong Kong, this also includes the corona vaccination,” said a Lufthansa spokesperson.

The Verdi union is slowing down: in most countries there are special rules for the entry of crew members, quarantine rooms are available for unvaccinated personnel. “After a year and a half of pandemic, airlines are under great economic pressure.

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A regulation like the one in the US could be abused to continue slimming under the guise of infection protection,” said Dennis Dacke, head of the Cockpit/Cabin Division.

A procedure like the one in the US and Switzerland required an amendment to the Infection Protection Act, explains specialist lawyer Nicole Mutschke: “There is already a regulation that makes measles vaccination a requirement for certain professions.”


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