Mark McGowan says COVID-positive diplomat is ‘low risk’ to community as 12 ship crews also diagnosed

An Australian diplomat has tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Western Australia on Wednesday, and 12 positive cases have been identified aboard an oil tanker docked in Fremantle.

The diplomat, in his thirties, traveled with his wife and young child from Serbia to Perth via Dubai.

The family was transferred to hotel quarantine from an apartment in Northbridge, where they had been quarantined themselves after the man tested positive for the virus yesterday.

Four potential close contacts have been identified, including employees of the apartment complex and the driver who transferred the family from the airport.

All four contacts have been tested and are currently in self-quarantine for 14 days.

One of the contacts has so far yielded a negative result.

Prime Minister Mark McGowan said the family was allowed to enter WA under approved travel for a senior government official.

He said the couple had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Mr McGowan said health authorities had advised the case posed an “extremely low risk” to the public.

“All precautions are being taken,” Mr McGowan said.

“Western Australia has done so well for so long, but this shows how easily the COVID virus can penetrate our community.

“Our border controls are strict, but we must not become complacent and that is why we should all get vaccinated.”

More than half of the ship’s crew positive

Testing has also identified 12 cases of COVID-19 among 22 crew members on an oil and chemical tanker, the Stolt Sakura, which docked in Fremantle Harbor yesterday.

Three crew members have been taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital for further medical treatment, two of whom are currently in ICU.

Of the two crew members in the ICU, one is in a serious but stable condition and the other is stable.

The rest of the crew will remain in isolation on the ship unless they need to be taken to hospital for medical treatment.

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