Milan, an ultralight plane crashes: fire in San Donato

Departed from Linate to Olbia – The alarm in Areu (Lombardy’s regional emergency service) came on a few minutes after 1 p.m. and rescuers, firefighters and police arrived immediately. The plane, which took off from Milan Linate, was on its way to Olbia, in Sardinia. It was a single-engine turboprop aircraft of Swiss production, used by executive companies or even private individuals for VIP transport or short/medium-haul flights.

File for imputable disaster opened – A file for attributable disaster will be opened about the incident. This was stated by Deputy Public Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano after the initial findings at the accident site. Siciliano also added that the black box has been found.

The dynamics of the crash – The videos were obtained from the surveillance cameras “which captured the moment, a few seconds, of the impact,” the prosecutor also explains. “You can see the fire at the moment of impact. Now we also need to collect all the documentation needed to reconstruct the dynamics of the disaster. At this point it is too early to make any hypothesis” about the cause of the crash. “We know – he added – that the flight was tracked to a certain point. Then there was an anomaly in the radar track and then it crashed.” The plane actually “hit the roof” of the building and “no alarm went off”.

Fire brigade: “Devastating impact” – “The impact was devastating,” explains Carlo Cardinali, an officer of the Milan Fire Brigade, who immediately rushed to San Donato at the accident site. “There was a real explosion, with projection of this plane at different points,” confirmed Cardinali, adding that “the plane made a turn after take-off and therefore the pilot probably noticed an anomaly. The building was uninhabited, hit among other things. through renovations we immediately averted the presence of other people in the structure. At that time it was really important that there were no houses, in the drama the impact took place on a completely uninhabited building “he concluded

“Monday there would be the workers” – The plane crashed into a building that was being renovated and the fact that the accident took place on Sunday therefore ensured that the number of victims did not increase. “We were building the bus station for medium and long-distance buses. Luckily no one was inside, but the workers would be there Monday morning,” said architect Michele Pugliese, director of works at the building.

Witnesses: “Dive Down” – “The plane had a burning engine and it crashed. There were no maneuvers to be seen, but it just crashed.” These are the words of some witnesses who saw the Piper crash into the building in San Donato Milanese. “I heard a plane about to fall and the propellers stopped, then I felt the windows vibrate and, just like in the movies, I went to the window and saw a column of smoke rising,” said a boy who was in a live a few tens. meters away from the building against which the plane crashed.

“I saw bits flying” – “I saw a plane lose control, I saw it just as it crashed. I saw it dive down. The plane was low. And then a lot of smoke, flames. Pieces flew in the air.” This is the story of Andrea, 19, another witness to the crash. “I was very scared – he added – Then the police and carabinieri arrived. Fortunately the road was clear, there was no one there”.

Inquiry opened – The National Flight Safety Agency opened an investigation into the incident and ordered an investigator to be sent to the scene. According to what the agency has reconstructed so far, “The PC-12 plane, identification marks YR-PDV, took off from Linate to Olbia at 13:04. The plane hit a stable building and caught fire,” the Ansv said.

Mayor San Donato: “Chilling” – “horrifying images” that of the plane crash. “I returned to the city when I heard the news of the accident, but the images sent to me by the Deputy Mayor, Civil Defense and the Commander of the Local Police are horrifying.” That reports Andrea Checchi, mayor of San Donato Milanese. “At the moment there are no certainties about the dynamics and I am not out of balance. In the area around the area that is isolated, work is underway to recover the remains” of the crash and “also human remains”, the mayor added. ready. . “I want to express all closeness, including that of the community, with the families of the victims,” ​​he concluded. Also on site is the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala.

The plane has crashed in through October 8, 2001, so titled to remember the massacre of Linate when among the 118 victims of the plane crash, there was also a resident of San Donato.

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