Municipal, slow-motion turnout: 33% of voters voted at 7 p.m.: 13 points less than 5 years ago. In Calabria only one in 5 seats

The mood is slowly moving on Common called to the ballot box: all 19 voted just on the 33 percent of the rightholders. At the same time, the turnout in the previous municipal elections in 2016 was much higher, just under 46 percent. There are two differences that can influence this data: on the one hand, five years ago, the vote was held on one day (with the ballot boxes closed at 10 p.m.), so the comparison will only be completely reliable with the final figure; on the other hand, there is the novelty of the autumn vote, which has very few precedents (including the Regional of the 2020 and even then the reason was the situation of the pandemic). In any case, the low participation rate also seems to be confirmed by the vote for the Region of Calabria, where at age 19 he had voted even less than 22 percent, against the (already low) 34 percent of the previous election, in January 2020.

More than 12 million Italians are called to vote. As you know, we are voting 1192 Municipalities for the renewal of the councils and the election of the respective mayors, but also for the election of the president of the Region of Calabria and for the election of two deputies with the supplementary in the colleges by Siena and from Rome Primavalle. Polling stations are open on Sundays until 11 p.m. and on Monday, October 4 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The attentions are usually on Rome – the city where the result of the vote is most uncertain – and then onward Milan, Naples, Bologna, Turin, Sad to be 6 major cities in which the electoral struggle is played, which in some respects is also decisive at the national political level. However, a total of 20 provincial capitals will go to the vote. The ultimate turnaround ballot paper takes place on October 17 and 18.

Turnout in all six regional capitals is below the national average. UNTIL Bologna e Turin on 19 they had voted 29.2 percent of the rights holders. UNTIL Rome little bit more: the 29.5. AN Sad participation traveled at that hour at 29 net, while a Naples just over 25 percent (25.4). Milan notes a lower figure than the national one, but contrasts with the other 5 capitals of the Region in that it exceeds 30 percent (very few) (31).

Political leaders largely voted in the morning. Not everyone respected the rule of electoral silence: for the leader of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconic it’s almost a tradition, while Giorgia Melonic – but not at the polling station – he wanted to intervene again in the case of the investigation into Fan page on the “black lobby”. Others: they have made an appeal on social networks to participate, to avoid the risk of confirmation from the non-voting party. Enrico Letta posted the image of two fingers crossed: The Democratic Party secretary is also the only party leader directly involved in the vote: he is a candidate for supplementary at the college of Camera from Sienna.

The President of the M5s Giuseppe Conte he urged everyone to vote, recalling that “voting is the most basic and at the same time the most decisive gesture in the exercise of democratic rights”. According to the leader of the Brothers of Italy, “at a time when our freedoms and rights are being restricted, voting is even more the highest democratic expression”. Berlusconi, after voting in his Milan seat, spoke to reporters about: Quirinale, from the federation of center right and hoping primary for the future selection of candidates for accountants. League secretary Matteo Salvini instead voted in the afternoon at the polling station via Piero Martinetti, in the Gambara area of Milan. “I voted. I voted for change, for the future, for security and for work, I voted to defend the Italians – he later wrote on Facebook – Who doesn’t vote, who doesn’t vote, loses”.

“Voted! With a little emotion,” he writes Enrico Letta on Twitter. Add the ‘crossed fingers’ emoticon. The Democratic Party secretary is also the only party leader directly involved in the vote: he is a candidate for supplementary at the college of Camera from Siena Arezzo. “The voice is the gesture more basic at the same time more decisive exercise of democratic rights. We should do it with joy, knowing that in this way we contribute to nurturing our beautiful democracy. the i just voted, do it too. Happy Sunday everyone!” wrote the former prime minister and current president of M5S on social media, Giuseppe Contea. He also chose a Facebook post Matteo Salvinic: “We respond with a smile, with work, with ideas, with the desire to unite, improve and change our beautiful Italy. We respond with the mood. Happy Sunday from change e freedom“Friends”.

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