Murder of Ardea: the victim’s son arrested. The autopsy: Graziella killed with three blows to the head

Three blows to the head with a blunt object. For example, Graziella Bartolotta, aged 68, died last September 28 at her home in Via del Pettirosso, in Ardea, near Rome.

The results of the autopsy leave no room for doubt: the old woman was murdered. For this reason, the carabinieri of the Compagnia di Anzio, at the disposal of the investigating judge of Velletri, arrested the person responsible for the murder. This is Fabrizio Rocchi, the woman’s son, who recently stopped at his building in Ardea. Summarizing the story, it turns out that the woman was killed with three violent blows “inflicted with a blunt object to the head” by her son.

Against Rocchi, the Anzio carabinieri explains, “serious, accurate, multiple and consistent evidence of guilt was collected that enabled the prosecutor to apply to him for the application of the restrictive measure in prison, which then was granted by the competent court.” The young man, who is currently in Velletri prison, will be questioned in the coming hours.

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