Next-generation F1 powerplant: Battery technology plays an important role in the elimination of MGU-H[F1-Gate .com]

It is said that the next-generation F1 powerplant has reached an agreement on the abolition of the MGU-H and that the role of the battery will become more important.

The V6 turbo hybrid currently being used in F1 is unpopular with fans and manufacturers. The biggest factor from the fan’s point of view is noise, but for the manufacturer, complexity and cost are important factors.

Among them, MGU-H is a complicated and expensive element, and there is almost no compatibility with commercial vehicles. That’s why it hinders new engine manufacturers from entering F1.

F1 has been in talks for some time about the new powerplant to be introduced since 2026, but Auto Motor und Sport reports that it has finally reached an agreement.

Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull Powertrains all took part in the discussion. The biggest change agreed upon in the new engine is the elimination of the MGU-H.

The MGU-H is used to rebuild or store energy with the turbocharger, so when the engine runs out of energy, energy recovery takes place only at the rear axle.

Auto Motor und Sport states that the MGU-K has been improved to deliver 350 kWh of output instead of the current 120 kWh, resulting in an increase in horsepower generated by the MGU-K from 163 to 476.

Batteries will therefore play an important role in the new engine formula. The automotive industry is moving towards electrification and miniaturization and efficiency improvement have become major issues.

The new powerplant also solves the pricing problem, and the cost of the new engine is said to be “well under $1 million” compared to the current unit’s $2 million price tag.

Car manufacturers are withdrawing from Formula E, an electric car race, because the series does not allow the development of batteries. If you entrust the development of the battery to the manufacturer, there will be a big difference in competitiveness. It is said that one of the reasons is that Honda will not participate in Formula E after withdrawing from F1.

Therefore, Porsche and Audi, which have withdrawn from Formula E, would be interested in participating in F1. If the complex HGH-H is abolished, batteries can be developed and development costs can be reduced, F1 will regain its position as a great place for development for car manufacturers.

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