NFL Week 4 Weather Updates: Rain, Wind For Texans-Bills, Buccaneers-Patriots, More Can Affect Fantasy, Start Them, Make Them Decisions

The Week 4 NFL forecast has some minor concerns about wind and mild rain, but it looks like we’ll get through the first month of the season without major weather-related panic. Of course, even one game of bad conditions is enough for fantasy football owners to overanalyze their starting, sit-em decisions, so with the help of RotoGrinders’ meteorologist Kevin Roth, we’ve got the weather updates you need to know before committing your lineups.

Before we get into the week 4 forecasts, we would like to remind you that if you have any questions about sports weather or how the weather might affect the game (and possibly your fantasy, DFS and betting decisions), please don’t hesitate to contact RotoGrinders’ meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter (@KevinRothWx) or check the NFL hourly weather forecasts on RotoGrinders. To take your game to the next level, subscribe to RotoGrinders’ exclusive WeatherEdge tool and see how different weather conditions have affected the historical score.

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NFL Week 4 Weather Updates

Forecasts courtesy of Kevin Roth at RotoGrinders.

Lions @ Bears. There’s a good chance this game will see rain at some point, maybe the whole game, but it shouldn’t be too windy. That keeps Allen Robinson and TJ Hockenson in the game, but everyone else can be unnecessarily risky because they’re already on start-sit bubbles.

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Texans @ Bills. Wind shouldn’t be an issue, but with rain chances hovering around 70 percent, conditions appear to be slippery for all or parts of this game. The impact will depend on how hard it rains at a particular point. For now, it looks like the worst will be over at kick-off, so don’t freak out if you see some ugly scenes in the pre-game shows. It doesn’t seem bad enough to put key players on the bench, especially given the mediocrity of the Texan defense (and Brandin Cooks’ high target volume). Kickers and fringe WR3s (Gabriel Davis) are the only concerns.

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Foals @ Dolphins. High temperatures (mid 80s), mild winds (10-13 mph), and the chance of rain picking up later in the game (20 percent) aren’t enough to scare you away from normal starters in this game (not that they are there are so many).

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Seahawks @ 49ers. The wind seems to really pick up in the second half of this game, but with the clear conditions expected there is no reason to bench usual starters. The two kickers are the only players who might be better off staying on the bench.

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Steelers @ Packers. There is a 50-60 percent chance of rain for this race, but light winds are expected. Unless there’s a sudden downpour, the wet conditions shouldn’t affect the Steelers’ dink-and-dunk passing game too much, and you’re definitely not going to bench Aaron Rodgers or Davante Adams.

Buccaneers @ Patriots. Expect some rain for this one, especially in the second half. As with most other games, not much wind is expected, so you can’t risk benching key players in the Bucs passing game.

All this may change as we get closer to kick-off. You can follow meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter (@KevinRothWx) and view NFL hourly weather forecasts on RotoGrinders. For the best weather-related fantasy advice, check out WeatherEdge.

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