North Korea threatens UN Security Council

North Korea on Sunday sent a threat to the UN Security Council, warning the world body against criticizing its nuclear program.

Joe Chol-su, a senior North Korean foreign ministry official, told the council that “it would be good to consider the consequences of any attempt to encroach on North Korea’s sovereignty in the future.” The Associated Press reports.

The warning came in response to France’s sharing of a proposed statement expressing concern about North Korea’s missile tests and urging the country to ban its missile firing.

Last week, North Korea’s UN envoy Kim Sung said the United States needed it End his “anti” policy His country to rejoin the discussion.

“But our decision is that there is no possibility at this stage that the United States will actually withdraw its hostile policy,” Kim said.

A statement from North Korea’s state-run media said the Security Council had called for a “double deal” because it did not treat the United States and its allies equally.

North Korea has been banned from participating in ballistic missile activities by a number of UN Security Council resolutions, the AP reported. Despite this, a separate country resumed missile tests in September, Sending two missiles Away from its west coast.

Just last week, North Korea Tested anti-aircraft missiles, State media have called the test “extremely practical for the study and development of various potential anti-aircraft missile systems”.

The AP noted that despite recent provocations, North Korea has maintained its own moratorium on long-range missiles that could kill the United States.


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