North Korea warns UN Security Council

The state media said in a statement that the United Nations was accused of having a “double standard” because it did not attach much importance to the testing of similar weapons by the United States and its allies.

After a gap of six months, North Korea resumed missile tests in September and launched newly developed missiles with nuclear-capable weapons that keep South Korea and Japan, both major allies of the United States, at their significant distance. The country has still offered conditional talks with South Korea, with some experts trying to put pressure on Seoul to urge Washington to relax economic sanctions on it.

According to several UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea is barred from participating in any ballistic missile activities because the country aims to have nuclear weapons on its ballistic missiles. North Korea has argued that its nuclear program is intended to counter US military threats, although Washington has said it has no adverse intentions towards Pyongyang.

Despite recent launches, North Korea has maintained a moratorium imposed on itself in 2018 on long-range missiles that directly threaten the American homeland, signaling a desire to keep the United States still alive for future diplomacy.

U.S. officials have called on North Korea to return to talks without conditions, but North America has argued that it will not do so unless it abandons its “hostile policy” in light of restrictions between Washington and Seoul and a clear reference to regular military exercises.

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