Paddy Pimblett Responds to Jared Gordon’s Call During UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker

In the wake of his win against Joe Solecki at UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker, Jared Gordon had one lightweight in mind. The name on his lips was Paddy Pimblett.

Much in keeping with his character, the Englishman showed a considerable amount of confidence. He took to social media to reveal that he was willing to spoil Gordon.

Following the call that Jared Gordon posted during a conversation with Daniel Cormier, Paddy Pimblett gave a simple response on social media. It is now obvious that the couple could meet later in line.

Jared Gordon hopes to go 2-0 against Paddy Pimblett’s team

Jared Gordon wants to look into the possibility of setting up a fight against Paddy Pimblett. The two were seemingly on a collision course for Pimblett’s arrival in the UFC. It came after the Liverpoolan expressed an interest in clashing with Gordon. ‘The Baddy’ was eager to run into Gordon in the hopes of avenging the loss his teammate Chris Fishgold had admitted at the hands of ‘Flash’.

Gordon, however, maintained the same stance that he exhibited when he was first associated with Pimblett. He admitted that in terms of climbing the ladder of success in the UFC, a fight against Paddy Pimblett didn’t make much sense given their records in the promotion. However, it was the hype surrounding the scouser that made the matchup appealing.

Here’s what the Sanford MMA product had to say about a potential fight against Pimblett after his win earlier today:

“It almost doesn’t make sense to me in terms of rankings or anything like that. I’ve got nine UFC fights now, he’s got one. But he’s got a lot more shine than me and he had my name in his mouth before his UFC- debut.”

Gordon went on to speculate about the potential the fight had, admitting that they could achieve a high spot on a pay-per-view card if the matchmakers book the fight.

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