Patriots fans greet Tom Brady with a thunderous ovation in New England

Patriots fans greet Tom Brady with a thunderous ovation in New England

Patriots fans at the airport were not hostile to Tom Brady before the departure, and welcomed the GOAT back to New England in style.

Brady has been nothing but cordial this week, following in the footsteps of his former head coach when he suggested their long-term partnership was beneficial for both sides. There have been very few trolls except Brady’s father. Even TB12 has no control over his parents.

With Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers seen as big favorites over the Patriots on Sunday night, New England fans view TB12’s return as more of a celebration than a rare opportunity for revenge. Hopefully Brady will take it easy on them.

Patriots vs Buccaneers: Tom Brady’s Return Symbolizes the Changing of the Guard

The Patriots believe they have a replacement for Brady in rookie quarterback Mac Jones in tow. While unlikely to live up to Brady’s performance, he fits Josh McDaniels’ system quite well and has shown flashes so far.

Patriots fans well received Brady is also the right response. Given his insane performance with the Patriots — including six Super Bowls — anyone who chased him out on Sunday night should be physically removed from the stadium.

Brady’s decision to move to greener pastures and join a team in Florida is what every old New Englander dreams about anyway. He just got a little bit of a head start and won another Super Bowl to boot.

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