Projected Week 6 AP Top 25

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Projected Week 6 AP Top 25

What will the college football rankings for the AP Top 25 look like after Week 5 in which Notre Dame and Oregon lose, while Alabama and Georgia dominated the ranked teams?

Another week into the 2021 season, another Saturday when college football rankings look like they mean nothing. After six-ranked teams lost last week, they fell like flies again in Week 5, most notably with No. 3 Oregon falling on the road against Stanford and No. 9 Notre Dame losing at home to a group of 5 team in Cincinnati.

At the top of the college football rankings, however, there was no doubt. Although Alabama and Georgia faced two of the tougher matchups on Saturday in Ole Miss and Arkansas, respectively, the outcome was in doubt for either team. They continue their dominance this year.

But how did the rest of the chaos shake things up? We’re trying to find that out as we have our projection for the AP Top 25 College Football Rankings in the Week 6 survey.

Projected AP Top 25 College Football Rankings After Week 5: No. 25-21

25. LSU Tigers

With how they got beat up by UCLA in the season opener, it’s been a little shocking to see LSU over the past few weeks. They aren’t perfect on either side of the ball, but the Tigers play enough to win games, making them worthy of this spot as a team with one loss.

24. San Diego Aztecs

Talk about a good week if you’re the Aztecs; San Diego State didn’t even get into action in Week 5 and they have a good chance of cracking the AP Top 25 after a 4-0 start that looks more impressive by the day as more teams continue to drop games.

23. Clemson Tigers

It’s still hard to have complete faith in Clemson after playing another one-score game against a team they’re much more talented at, barely beating Boston College in Death Valley this time. But a win is a win and the team that was ranked number 25 moves up the ranks slightly.

22. SMU Mustangs

Led by Tanner Mordecai swinging it all over the yard, SMU is quietly one of the undefeated teams remaining in college football after putting South Florida on the brakes on Saturday. The Mustangs have one of the most prolific offenses in the country and, if nothing else, are always entertaining.

21. Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky provided one of the biggest setbacks we’re likely to see this season in the SEC East, as their defense grounded Florida and held the Gators to 13 points. This may be a flawed Wildcats team, but you can’t argue against an undefeated start to the year.

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