Queensland money launderer: Man charged after $1.8m in assets seized

A Queensland motorcycling partner has lost two homes at a huge value as part of a major operation targeting drug smuggling across the country.

A Queensland man linked to the Finks and Mongols bike gangs lost more than $1.8 million in assets after being stung by the Federal Police.

The 36-year-old was forced to turn over two properties worth $1.34 million, rental income of $180,000 and $350,000 from the sale of a restricted property in September.

Property and funds were seized as part of an investigation into a drug trafficking ring selling MDMA and cocaine from New South Wales to Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Australian Federal Police said in a statement on Sunday that the man, a known associate of the Finks and Mongols motorcycle gangs, was targeted during the investigation.

AFP said forensic accounting indicated that the man, who was not “paid for work,” was laundering money through bank accounts and companies.

The statement said that raids and seizures began in November 2017 on several properties in southern Queensland linked to the man.

The confiscated assets will help support crime prevention, law enforcement, and other initiatives.

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