Risk of death! 14-year-olds with more than 3 per mille in the hospital – BZ Berlin

On Saturday, several young people (13 to 18 years old) met on a playground in the street Achtrutenberg and drank alcohol. A lot. Now a 14-year-old is in mortal danger!

As the police announced on Sunday, a neighbor had called the police because of noise pollution. When emergency services arrived at the playground, they discovered the 14-year-old lying unconscious on the floor.

Serious alcohol poisoning! The boy came to a clinic where he had to be transferred to the intensive care unit. There is a danger to life.

A blood alcohol reading showed a value of more than 3 parts per thousand in the boy!

The 18-year-old would have brought the alcohol to the playground, the children and young people told the police. Police are now investigating possible dangerous physical injuries.


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