Rome has tamed the fire in the Ostiense region: the iron bridge destroyed. The hypothesis of the flames from the slums, as in 2013. No injuries

During the night the Bridge of Industry, in zona Ostiense, a Rome, known to everyone as iron bridge. Some parts collapsed Tiber: the Port Authority of Fiumicino has banned shipping on that part of the river. According to the first reconstructions, the flames may have spread from some huts located under the structure, as already happened in the 2013. At that point, however, the consequences were minimal. In any case, this is still a hypothesis, because checks by the fire brigade and the diving team are ongoing. No one was injured and the fire was extinguished in a few hours. On the spot the mayor Shine“It’s heartbreaking to see a piece of history shrunk in this way,” he noted, and the center-left candidate for mayor Roberto Gualtieric.

The collapses mainly affected the service galleries lateral to the bridge structure. The parts of the tunnels leading to Radioplein were damaged. After the fire, some parts of Ostiense were left without electricity, gas and water. The bridge connects two nerve centers of the capital, that of Marconi and that of Ostiense. The Campidoglio has activated the Municipal Operational Center, while the civil defense of the capital is already working to activate replacement services in the area. The iron bridge was built between 1862 and 1863 and is 131 meters long. The area is currently surrounded by barriers.

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