Ron Dennis expects Max Verstappen to win F1 title “Honda F1 has stabilized engine performance”[F1-Gate .com]

Former McLaren general Ron Dennis expects Max Verstappen to beat Lewis Hamilton to win the 2021 F1 title.

Ron Dennis has been influential at McLaren for 37 years and has achieved many successes. This includes the golden age of McLaren Honda, but there is also the failure of the second McLaren Honda, which revived Honda in F1 in 2015.

Ron Dennis is also a teacher who trained Lewis Hamilton to be a driver and a dear child until he won the first F1 world champion at McLaren.

Red Bull Racing is battling for its most tenacious title since it last won the title in 2013.

Ron Dennis anticipates Max Verstappen in place of his student Lewis Hamilton as the 2021 F1 world champion, and thinks that if Verstappen misses the title he will miss Red Bull.

“I have a lot of respect for Red Bull engineers. I think Honda has a very stable engine performance,” Ron Dennis, who left McLaren in 2017, told Sky Sports F1.

“So I think Verstappen will win the title. If not, it’s not because of poor performance, but because he made a mistake.”

“The question is, under what circumstances would such a mistake happen? It will be very colorful at the end of the season, but I support Verstappen.”

F1 has long been waiting for a real championship battle between the most successful drivers and emerging superstars. This season Mercedes and Red Bull Honda are battling each other in machine performance and Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are engaged in a fierce duel.

The two cause two crashes. The first time Max Verstappen retired and Lewis Hamilton won the F1 British Grand Prix. The second time was the F1 Italian Grand Prix and both retired.

Ron Dennis says neither Lewis Hamilton nor Max Verstappen want to avoid a wheel-to-wheel battle.

“The rivalry is great. The media hypes it up, but they are constantly spraying the fire. They are trying to calm things down. They are real professionals,” he said in a youth sport. Ron Dennis, who launched Podium Analytics, a non-governmental agency that helps reduce injuries, said.

“In many sports there are professional mistakes. In motorsport it is difficult to predict the outcome when machines touch. Like the Italian GP one machine rides on another, I don’t know if I will spin off and hit the barrier. “

“In reality, these two drivers are completely professional, they know what they’re doing and they know it’s important to lead early in the race. So they take the risk seriously, sometimes they succeed or sometimes they fail, and what they do’ I don’t want to see them back off and get scared. A young deer in heat.”

Ron Dennis believes that depending on the reliability of an F1 car, it means the championship is determined purely on the driver’s skills.

“Lewis wouldn’t be happy to be left behind in the game because nobody likes to lose. Oh, his motivation and motivation as a top driver is enhanced by having to fight.”

“The battle in the Grand Prix car is very tough. If you are too aggressive against the car, you destroy the tires too quickly and the result of the race is determined very early. Everything is very close. You can see, but in in reality working on the tires would be a lot more challenging if the car is behind another one.”

“It’s a battle between two gladiators because everything, including the engine, is so reliable. The result is that one has to win and the other has to lose.”

Ron Dennis and Lewis Hamilton

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