Salvini, Galimberti at La7: “Its success in social networks is due to the spread of ignorance. It occurs when the herd of humanity wants the most important animal”

Luca Mauritius? What I wonder is how he lived, in terms of happiness, the internal contradiction between his homosexuality and his war against homosexuals. How did he experience this terrifying inner contradiction, this war in his heart? Which side did he put between the public and private dimensions?”. So a “In the air” (La7), the philosopher Umberto Galimberti comments on ‘s personal story Luca Morisi, the former head of communications for the Salvinian League.

Galimberti is also pronounced on the social communication by Matteo Salvini: “Its success is precisely due to a spread of ignorance. In a complex society, where people find it difficult to find their way, those who offer a simple and perhaps emotionally inapplicable solution work. But it really works humanity has become a herd that, as Nietzsche says, desires the most important animal. It is ignorance that works – he concludes – The question is: are they able to implement the policies that should serve the public interest or are they just concerned about how many people follow them on social networks? This is the serious problem. But ignorance is the real horse that allows the “captain” to move the way he has moved so far. And the fact that Salvini has such high percentages worries me a lot“.

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