Sean O’Malley calls the only fighter he thinks is a ‘shower’

Sean O’Malley claims he likes most fighters in the UFC, but admits he doesn’t like one specific athlete. According to ‘Sugar’, Luke Rockhold is a ‘shower’.

“There’s no one in the UFC I don’t like. I take that back, Luke Rockhold is an asshole. Other than that, god it sucks, I can’t say that because he could… it’s hard to because he can beat me up so hopefully I don’t get into a situation where he and me are in a room and I’m like, ‘I didn’t mean that Luke. Lucas, I thought what you said was stupid,’ said Sean O’Malley.

On the latest episode of his podcast, Sean O’Malley admitted that if Luke Rockhold confronted him, he would backtrack on his statement. Due to the size difference between the two men, O’Malley thinks he would be beaten up in an altercation with Rockhold.

Watch Sean O’Malley’s podcast episode below:

When Luke Rockhold Had An Awkward Conversation With Sean O’Malley’s Dad

“He kept saying Chito hit your son’s” – Sean O’Malley recalls how a…
drunk Luke Rockhold…
“He kept saying Chito beat your son’s jerk” – Sean O’Mal……

Sean O’Malley’s comments about Luke Rockhold may have been inspired by the former UFC middleweight champion’s conversation with the former’s father. According to “Sugar,” his father ran into Rockhold in a town called Whitefish in Montana.

The 36-year-old was apparently drunk at the time, and when O’Malley’s father failed to recognize the middleweight, Rockhold reminded him of the loss of his son to Marlon “Chito” Vera.

“They were in Whitefish. Luke [Rockhold] was drunk and he kept saying to my father, “Chito hit your son’s**.” My dad said Luke was super (buzzed), but he kept saying ‘Chito hit your son’s a**.’ Why would he be like this? Luke said (to my father) ‘don’t you know who I am?’ And my father said, ‘You look familiar to me, but I don’t know.’ So that probably put him off. I don’t know the whole story,” Sean O’Malley said in an earlier episode of his podcast.

Watch an episode of Sean O’Malley’s podcast below:

Sean O’Malley is currently scheduled to fight Raulian Paiva at UFC 269 on December 11. His last fight was a third round TKO win over newcomer Kris Moutinho at UFC 264.

UFC is putting the finishing touches to a bantamweight bout between Raulian Paiva and Sean O’Malley ahead of UFC 269 on Dec. 11, multiple sources have told @bokamotoESPN.

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