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Municipal elections, the location of the seats in Naples (Ansa)

Rome, October 2, 2021 – Il incoherent voice is one of the options available to the voter in the next few municipal elections. But how does it work and what effects can it have on the final result? Let’s try to get some clarity.

The facsimile in PDF of the maps

What it takes to vote. Expired IDs are valid

How to do the split vote?

In Italy, individual votes can be cast in board elections only in municipalities with more than 15 thousand inhabitants. Those who take this opportunity draw a mark on the rectangle with the name of a candidate for the office of Commissioner and another mark on an unrelated list.

What are the effects?

In this way, one vote is allocated to the candidate for commissioner and one vote to a list not directly linked to his candidacy. Those who choose split voting usually do so to elect a person they trust (or know personally) on the city council and who is not on the list prepared by the preferred mayoral candidate. The effect that can be achieved, especially if many voters decide to go this way, is to weaken the mayor’s hold on the city council, especially if candidates from opposing lists are elected. Precisely to avoid a spread of votes, the lists belonging to the same coalition have multiplied over the years: thus the disjointed preferences remain within a homogeneous basin.

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