Sisters Drowning – Mother Makes Serious Accusations

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Sisters Drowning – Mother Makes Serious Accusations

The sisters Hannah and Vanessa from North Rhine-Westphalia died on holiday in Mallorca. Now the mother of two reports of nightmarish weeks.

Drowned earlier in early September Majorca two sisters out North Rhine-Westphalia, now Hannah and Vanessa P.’s mother is raising serious accusations. “I am very disappointed that the authorities have left us completely alone with this situation,” Anja P. said “Bild am Sonntag”.

The companions of the 23- and 25-year-old women immediately called the police, when the accident happened on September 2 in the bay of Cala Mendia. But the police kept hanging up because they didn’t speak Spanish – only a phone call from the hotel on the boulevard was successful. While the friends were still able to pull Vanessa out of the water, her sister was aborted: “You heard Hannah’s cry for help,” reports Anja P.

“Nobody has officially informed us”

According to the report, Anja P. has not heard from the authorities about the accident of her daughters. A friend called from Hannah’s phone the next day and told her parents about the young nurse’s death. Her sister Vanessa was in hospital, but the doctors had already diagnosed the elderly nurse as brain dead. Anja P. only found out after an hour that her second daughter was also dead. “No one has officially informed us. Neither the Spanish police nor the German consulate in Mallorca.”

The release of her daughters by the Spanish authorities took a long time: “Vanessa’s file was with a judge in Palma, and Hannah’s in Manacor. They had to agree first, that didn’t work.” The bodies were not transported to Germany by plane until nine days later.

To mourn her loss, Anja P. also received terrible bills. An ADAC employee had pointed out that she should immediately transfer 9,500 euros to the local funeral home, otherwise her children would be cremated. The Spanish authorities had requested 25,000 euros for the use of a helicopter to rescue Hannah’s body and the sister’s transfer to Germany.

Relatives and friends had one on Facebook Call for donations started raising money for the bills. It is not known what amount this resulted in.


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