Spahn: “We vaccinate the world”: Germany provides 17 million vaccine doses

Spahn: “We vaccinate the world”
Germany provides 17 million vaccine doses

The vaccination campaign in Germany has long stalled. Germany has far more doses than it needs for its own population. Of these, 17 million have already been delivered to other countries.

Germany has now distributed more than 17 million corona vaccinations to other countries. According to a new list from the Federal Ministry of Health, ten million doses of the preparation of Astrazeneca were distributed through the international Covax initiative. More than seven million cans went directly to countries with acute needs, namely Ukraine, Namibia, Vietnam, Egypt and Ghana. In addition, a direct extradition to Thailand is pending.

Minister Jens Spahn told the DPA: “We are vaccinating the world to help others and ourselves. Only when everyone is protected will this pandemic finally come to an end.” The CDU politician especially thanked the Bundeswehr for their logistical support. “We can be sure that our donated vaccine will arrive safely anywhere in the world.”

According to the ministry, the vaccines provided included more than five million unused vaccine doses that the federal government had withdrawn from pharmaceutical wholesalers and the states. This means that the federal government has run out of Astrazeneca stocks. Beginning in October, all onward deliveries of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine will go directly to the Covax initiative. Germany has pledged to provide 100 million doses of vaccine to other countries by the end of the year — about that many (108 million) have also been used domestically so far.

To date, almost six billion corona vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. There are still huge differences in the progress of vaccination campaigns. While in Western Europe on average more than 60 percent of the population has been vaccinated, the vaccination rate for the relevant age groups in Africa is only 3.6 percent. Three countries – Burundi, Eritrea and North Korea – have not yet been vaccinated against the corona virus.


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