The Liverpool star urges “Reds” administration not to comply with Salah .’s request

Former Liverpool star Steve McManaman urged the Reds’ management not to comply with Mohamed Salah’s requests to extend his contract, explaining that the English club could not pay huge wages to its players.

Salah’s contract with Liverpool expires in the summer of 2023 and, according to press reports, the Egyptian player is asking for a record salary in the history of the “Reds”, to sign a new contract.

Liverpool are aiming to end controversy and uncertainty over his star’s future by the end of this year and are optimistic an agreement can be reached in the next two months.

It is also believed that Salah would like to stay at Liverpool but is asking almost half a million pounds a week for his contract to be extended.

This request is considered huge for the 29-year-old player, according to the “sundayworld” newspaper, especially as Salah is asking for his contract to be extended for another four seasons, i.e. until he reaches the age of 33.

In this regard, McManaman said in statements to “sundayworld” that he hopes Liverpool will reach an agreement to extend the Egyptian star’s contract, but admitted that the “Reds” administration cannot grant the player a contract with any salary. and conditions he asks.

“If Salah wants a lot of money and Liverpool can’t afford it, they will have to let him go,” explained McManaman.

And the former England international, who also previously played in the shirt of Real Madrid, concluded: “If Salah wants half a million pounds a week, it won’t happen in Liverpool, but you hope he will ask for something the club can do. afford, and if so, I expect him to stay.

And he added: “You cannot go to the wage-paying level trying to compete with Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City, because financially they are clubs in a different world.”

He continued: “Another person will be next (to renew his contract), and we’ve seen situations where one of the players gets a huge salary increase and the next star player gets mad and wants the same thing. This causes chaos in the team. We’ve just come out of the Corona virus pandemic and you’ve lost. Most of the big clubs are worth over £100million.”

McManaman continued: “Yes, pay him (Salah) what he’s worth, I have no problem with that. He’s a brilliant player, pay him what he’s worth. But if he wants to double his pay, you can’t do that. rational, especially in these difficult financial times.”

Source: “sunday world”

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