The McAuliffe campaign mocks the GOP’s Youngkin, supporting the Black Group

Campaign Virginia Democracy Governor Optimist Terry McAuliffe is using his support Republican Rival, Glenn Youngkin, Hampton Rhodes via Black Caucus (HRBC).

Youngkin tweeted on Saturday that he had been “humbled” by HRBC’s approval Automatic billing As a partisan organization with the goal of “raising the black community”. The group previously approved Democracy McAuliffe for governor in 2013 and Ralph Northam for governor in 2017.

Glenn Youngkin: Terry McAuliffe wants to ‘dictate’ parents, but can’t follow his own rules

“I am incredibly humbled and honored to have the support of the Hampton Rhodes Black Caucus, and look forward to working closely with them and all Black Virginians to implement my Day One game plan to make Virginia the best day to live, work and grow. One family,” Youngkin said. A Legislation Saturday.

“Terry McAuliffe has hurt Black Virginians by turning his back on our schools and children, making our communities less secure and blowing up the cost of living,” he said.

McAuliffe’s campaign and allies have sought to reduce support by reducing the group’s influence.

“YTeamYoungkin thinks Twitter is real life” Tweeted Manuel Bonder, deputy director of the Virginia Democratic Party.

“I love it when the Youngkin team tweets huge news about the Republican group supporting their Republican candidate,” said Christina Friendlich, a spokeswoman for the McAuliffe campaign. Wrote On Twitter, despite prior approval from a group of Democrats.

HRBC also previously Accredited Cheryl Turpin, Democrat who served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 2018 to 2020.

In 2016 Facebook post.

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The Youngkin campaign said criticism was a sign that McAuliffe was in trouble.

Christian Martinez, a spokesman for the Youngkin campaign, said in a statement: “Terry McAuliffe, a politician with a 40-year career, knows he is losing, so he and his team are constantly trying to reduce any group that questions or disagrees with his authority. . “

“[McAauliffe] Is Shouted at the sheriff Who called on him to accept radical groups who wanted to defame the police, He doesn’t want his parents to say anything In the education of their children, He wants to fire the staff If they don’t get vaccinated, and now it doesn’t just question the legitimacy of a historic black organization, “the statement continued.” Terry McAuliffe is not a leader, he was never fit to be governor for the first time. “

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