The take-off, the dive, then the crash: the last flight of just 3 minutes

Only 3 minutes: the last flight of the Pilatus PC-12 lasted YR-PDV took off from Milan Linate airport, which then crashed on the outskirts of the Lombard capital. According to the data known to date, the start took place at 13:04. The crash at 13.07. The plane, a private jet, was bound for Olbia and arrived in Milan from Bucharest on September 30, with a flight of just over 3 hours.

The plane’s route is clear: the plane nearly crashed into the building near the metro station and parking garage, on the border with the municipality of San Donato. The weather in Milan is the typical autumn of these parts, a gloomy day with drizzle, nothing that can cause particular problems for a plane taking off. Now authorities will shed light on what happened, but the preliminary flight paths provided by flightware, which mark the route from start to Crash, they can already provide the first information about what happened in those 180 seconds that separated the passengers from death.

Screenshot of Flightradar24

The start took place at 13:04:12. Until 13:07:29 the plane has successfully made the climb, even if it is not in a regular way. In fact, at 13:06:53, the plane has a sudden positive change in altitude from the time of 914, travels at 306 mph and is at 1,295 meters. It seems to slow down from this point, at 1:07:10 PM ascent rate (RoC) it drops to 533 and the speed also slows down and reaches 241 km / h, while the altitude reached is 1600 meters.

At 13:07:29, the rate of climb reverses and goes negative, -65, while the aircraft appears to be recording a speed of up to 315 mph and the altitude rises, but only to 1,615 meters. This is the maximum altitude reached by the YR-PDV flight. At 13:07:45 the ascent rate is -200, the rate has increased again to 365 km/h but the height dropped to 1,562. Almost a dive before the flight. From that moment on there is no more information. The plane crashed after traveling just under 20 km, following an almost circular route. “He made a turn regarding the start, probably noticed an anomaly“says Carlo Cardinali, officer of the Milan Fire Brigade. A witness stated that the plane was on fire before it crashed:”I saw the plane in flight, it had lost control, there was a trail and flames under the plane“.

Screenshot of Flightaware

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