The woman who was killed in the triple murder on Saturday afternoon has been identified by her family

Kansas City, Mo. – A Kansas City family identified the woman in Saturday’s triple murder as Johnny Owens.

Two unidentified men were also killed.

Kansas City Police said it happened near Spruce Avenue and East 27thTh The road.

Police said they received a call around four for the shooting and it turned into a shooting call.

Owen’s family said they did not see it coming.

Owen’s grandfather, William King, said, “They were only 10 minutes there and a black SUV hit 7 to 10 shots on the road.

King said Owens was preparing to spend the night with her friends when she was shot down.

“I’m still in shock,” King said. “It’s a terrible thing.”

King said he was in church when it happened.

He came to the crime scene to see what was going on and did not realize that his granddaughter was in it.

Owen’s family said she knew of two men who shot her.

Kansas City Police are trying to find out why they were shot.

Kansas City Police spokesman Jake Bachina said, “I mean, it’s a beautiful afternoon on Saturday and what happened on this block is completely destroyed.”

Police do not know how many suspects are involved or how they fled the scene.

Owen’s family hopes they get some answers.

King said, “If anyone can help us, please help us.

The family a GoFundMe An account of Owen’s funeral expenses.

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