The world’s largest artwork tower greets in Dubai

Tallest, biggest, biggest, tallest, longest – Dubai has it all.

In 2026, Dubai will bring in the first and largest art tower. Known as the Clothespin, the concept aims to make art accessible to everyone. Guests can visit, live and work this largest work of art in the world.

The world’s largest work of art

This iconic skyscraper will be 170 meters high with 50 floors. It will be in the form of a clothespin. zygo, the acclaimed Israeli artist, is the mastermind behind this project. The concept of clothespin is representative of two equal halves that are nothing without the other half. But together they represent unity, meaning and value.

Clothespin, the world’s first artwork tower, will include art galleries, a commercial mall, restaurants, a luxury hotel and a residential area of ​​apartments. In addition to all other forms, this massive piece of architecture is also going to accept cryptocurrency as a means of transaction.

The soft launch of the concept will take place at Zygo Art Gallery, Wafi Mall, Dubai. It concerned the presentation of the phenomenal artworks of this contemporary artist.

The concept will be unveiled in the gallery on October 5. The artist and the team behind the clothespin tower will be there to unveil it in the presence of Zygo himself, who will reach the UAE for the official launch.

Decode clothespin

The relationship between the UAE and Israel is friendly and based on love, peace and hope. The Clothespin Tower is representative of the strong bond that exists between these two countries. Coming back to the concept, it indicates that the UAE and Israel are equal halves that completely complement each other.

According to Jacob Carl, the Israeli entrepreneur behind this project, the tower will be based on Zygo’s clothespin theory which envisions two similar halves being pulled apart and coming together, portraying a union of divided souls. Zygo’s primary goal is to connect with human emotions and portray the clothespin tower as a symbol of hope and eternal love between two divided souls coming together to be united.”

parting words

All in all, the concept of the Clothspin tower is to connect with human emotion. Construction of the skyscraper is likely to begin in 2023 and will be completed in 2026. However, the exact location remains unknown.

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