Victorian medics appealed to people to be vaccinated

A Victorian medic has revealed the awkward and uncomfortable conversations she had with anti-vaccinators who contracted Covid-19.

One paramedic pleaded with people to get vaccinated before they were in the back of an ambulance when it was “too late.”

The astonishing admission came on Friday, when Victoria recorded more than 1,000 Covid cases in a single day. That number jumped again on Saturday to a new high of 1,488.

Reports have emerged that due to a spike in the back of the major NFL finals and other mass gatherings last week, the daily case numbers will not begin to stabilize for another month.

A medic called ABC Melbourne to explain how dangerous the situation was for frontline workers.

“When (patients) get into the back of the ambulance, they ask me to vaccinate them. She said they say ‘I will take the vaccine’ and I said I don’t know if you have Covid, you need to be tested but I can’t give you the vaccine.”

“(They say) ‘I was going to have it, I was going to have it’ and I said it’s too late, you have to wait.”

She added that she and her colleagues were “tired” of constantly wearing protective equipment when a patient had Covid-like symptoms.

At a news conference on Sunday, Michelle Spence, director of the intensive care unit nursing unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said more and more young people are ending up on ventilators despite having no underlying health conditions and being perfectly “fit”.

“The only thing I can say is that he has not been vaccinated,” she told reporters. “He could have gotten the vaccine.”

It comes as Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced mandatory vaccinations for thousands of workers.

From October 15, all those on the approved list of workers will be required to have their first dose of the Covid vaccine in order to continue working on the site. They will need to be fully vaccinated by November 26.

This rule applies to both Melbourne and the Victorian region.

“It’s not about stopping people from going to work. It’s about making sure we can open up. It’s about making sure that people can go to work, that they can be safe, that we can advocate for our roadmap and present it to the opening. This What is the national plan about?


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