[WATCH] Owen Wilson delivers SNL season premiere monologue

Owen Wilson opened Saturday Night Liveseason 47 The monologue was less “comical” than “Owen Wilson’s Charming and Handsome Four-Minute”. but no problem! He has, as one critic put it, the theatrical presence of “An Old Golden Retriever Sitting by a Fire,” which seems like a good time to us. “To be honest, I might be guilty of times of backtracking a bit, and taking my foot off the pedal, but I’ll tell you what,” Wilson said of his relaxed personality. “When Daniel Day-Lewis retired, and all this pressure fell on my shoulder, everything changed. That’s when I knew I had to do it. 3 . cars. The Wilson brothers (Luke and Andrew) also appeared in the audience, while Owen talked about the dangers of being a mean kid. Great opening for season 47, but also very sweet and comforting, much like… a golden retriever lying by a fire, or, Owen Wilson in Marley and me.

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