WWE Hall of Famer Names Himself and Sting as WCW’s Top Two

Sting was the heart and soul of WCW. If fans were polled about who they thought best defined WCW, it would definitely be Sting. Booker T tweeted a photo of him and Sting, saying they were both two of WCW’s best.

Booker T is not that far from his statement. Sting was a six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, while Booker T captured the title five times and was the last WCW Champion before the WWE buyout.

One could argue that Booker T was probably one of the bright spots towards the end of WCW, but a bad booking didn’t do him any good. Sting is, of course, synonymous with the WCW brand and has carried that legacy with it to AEW.

CM Punk Says Sting Was The Heart And Soul Of WCW

As a guest on Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette, CM Punk referred to Sting as the heart and soul of WCW, and he’s at the top of everything.

“You’re talking about a guy who’s been at the top everywhere he’s ever been. And I really don’t know if he gets credit for his struggling spirit. And it’s kinda hard for him not to have a different perspective based on on everyone he’s worked with and everywhere he’s been I don’t know if he was ever positioned as the ‘Top Guy’ but I believe he was the heart and soul of WCW especially towards the end I mean “Dude was on the first Nitro, dude was on the last Nitro and he’s been to big events with Ric Flair, he’s worked everyone. He’s been around for so long, I just don’t think he gets the credit for that,” said CM Punk.

Like most fans, CM Punk is in awe of Sting’s legacy and continues to do so in AEW.


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