WWE RAW – 5 Possible Surprises (04/10/21)

WWE RAW is sure to be an explosive show this week. Not only does it mark Goldberg’s return after the events of SummerSlam, but the second night of the draft will take place.

So much could happen during the three-hour broadcast. With enough creativity, WWE RAW could even surpass SmackDown, a great show in its own right. That said, here are five surprises that can happen during the show.

As always, this is not an article based on inside information. This is based only on conjecture as the writer is a fan of WWE RAW and SmackDown just like you are. So, in the same vein, if you also want to suggest surprises, feel free to do so in the comments section.

#5 The Usos Appear On WWE RAW To Be Impaled And Hammered By Goldberg

Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns would one day be WrestleMania’s main event. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the pandemic struck and plans went awry.

We know that The Usos will be in WWE RAW this week to make sure their chieftain’s orders are carried out. Once there, they could encounter a roadblock called Goldberg. And yes, they could undoubtedly eat a spear and a jackhammer or both!

Goldberg returns to wreak vengeance, hellfire and brimstone on Bobby Lashley for what happened to his son. But let’s assume for a moment that Lashley manages to leave WWE RAW in the nick of time. Goldberg would be quite in the mood then.

The spear machine, Goldberg, bulldozing through the roster would be a sight to behold!


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