Yannick Jadot wants to “depresidentialize” institutions

Five days after being recruited in the environmentalist’s primaries, Yannick Jadot takes on a candidate’s suit. If he fails to rally the left behind — his goal — he goes ahead and reveals his program for the 2022 presidential election in Sunday newspaper (JDD) of October 3.

In the event of a victory, his priority would be the agricultural transition. “From day one, I’m going to leave factory farming. One must (…) resettle farmers in the countryside, with a decent income. With this, another goal can be achieved: the fight against junk food, i.e. against chronic diseases and obesity.”, explains the environmental candidate JDD.

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The “Rest” ensuite “The lobbies that plague the French economy and vampire subsidies and government policies so that climate, health, environment and social justice finally prevail”.

“Every euro of public money will depend on protecting the environment. No euro for Total as long as Total has not broken with its logic to always look for more oil and more gas underground! “, assures the person who headed the Europe Ecology-The Greens list in the 2019 European elections.

50 billion euros a year to ‘restore our society’

In front of “Repair our society” and “We are rebuilding our economy”, Yannick Jadot plans an investment plan of 50 billion euros per year over a period of five years, “Or 2% of GDP”. Twenty-five billion euros would be spent on reconstruction, of which 10 billion on housing and buildings, and 25 billion on “Quality of public services”, he explains.

“By investing in housing, transport, healthy food, against waste, we give the French the equivalent of a thirteenth month of savings.”

This program “Will create 1.5 million jobs, revitalize the economy and start a virtuous circle of investment and responsible consumption”he assures.

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“We are going to restore a wealth tax and go to the climate ISF [idée avancée par Eric Piolle]. Financial assets that invest in fossil fuels will be taxed more. We need to decarbonise financing! “, proclaims the environmental candidate.

A tandem with “the president” of the National Assembly

Institutionally, Mr. Jadot wants: “Depresidentialize”, with a term of seven years “non-renewable” and a president who will focus on a few missions: “To guarantee the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and climate protection. “

“The National Assembly, elected on a proportional basis with full parity on arrival” and no longer just in the applications –, will become the beating heart of democracy. With, instead of executive couple, a new pair formed by the President of the Republic and the Speaker of the National Assembly, a joint power balance pair. “

In the ranks of his party, Yannick Jadot has often been criticized for wanting to compromise with a pure and harsh ecology in order to reach the Elysee at all costs. He always replied that he “Didn’t practice less radical ecology”, but that it was necessary « to combine ecological and progressive forces” to bring it to power.

Now that he is the official candidate of EELV, Yannick Jadot, who is credited in the polls between 6 and 9%, should beat the seven candidates already declared on the left: Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France insoumise), Fabien Roussel (Communist Party), Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party), Arnaud Montebourg, Philippe Poutou (NPA) and Nathalie Arthaud (Lutte Ouvrière). While he dreams of a rally around his candidacy, to this day nothing seems to indicate that he can make it happen.

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